[Technical Analysis] Bitcoin price (2021)

Bitcoin price prediction and technical analysis

Bitcoin price: Technical analysis and forecast

Week: 16-22/05/2021

Looking for a short position. Stop Loss: above Kumo cloud. Take Profit: blue line (zone 39-40k)

Weekly technical analysis and forecast Bitcoin price.

Update: 19/05/2021

Price has reached the blue line.

Bitcoin price

On weekly chart, you can see that price touches Kijun sen.

[Technical Analysis] Bitcoin price (2021) 2

Week: 23-29/05/2021

Long position pending

Buy limit

Entry: 32800 Stop loss: 29k Take profit: 45k

[Technical Analysis] Bitcoin price (2021) 3

Update: 18/06/21

[Technical Analysis] Bitcoin price (2021) 4

Update 22/07/2021

Do you think BTC end off down trend?

[Technical Analysis] Bitcoin price (2021) 5

Update 02/08/2021

In ranging market level 30k – 40k

[Technical Analysis] Bitcoin price (2021) 6

Notice: My personal view on BTC not a financial advise.

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